• Home Networks: Protecting Your Computers from Hackers and Malware

    Computer security in the residential environment is essential. If malicious persons hack your network and files, your personal information such as identity and financial details could be stolen and used for illicit purposes. Also, a malware attack could destroy precious data and information on your computers. You can avoid these problems and the associated fallout by taking some precautions to secure your computer and other devices from cyber-security threats. Here are practical guidelines to help you protect your home network from malicious software and hackers.
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  • Types of Data and Telephone Cabling for Your Business Needs

    Telephone systems and the internet are two critical components in modern businesses. Nonetheless, poor data cabling remains a nightmare for staffs and customers alike. Notably, the first step towards ensuring reliable telephone and web connectivity is by making sure that your wiring is designed to meet your business' individual needs. However, discerning cabling requirements for your business can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the technical jargon. For example, the category of the wire is indicated on the cable, but in technical terms.
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